Cavalry Scout 19D

The cavalry scout is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the commander during battle. They engage the enemy in the field, track and report their activity and direct the employment of weapon systems to their locations.

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Since the dawn of modern warfare, Commanders on the battlefield have relied upon their most agile warriors to keep their eyes on the target, engage the enemy, and know the enemy’s every move. 

With the readiness to accept a challenge, and stay sharp in the face of danger, the Soldiers of Military Occupational Specialty: Cavalry Scout are invaluable assets to our Nation’s Army. 

Recognized as force multipliers, the men and women in this MOS play a vital role in Military operations. 

As a Cavalry Scout, you will serve or assist as a member of a scout team, squad, or platoon in reconnaissance, security, and other combat operations. 

Using cover and concealment to conduct reconnaissance, the Cavalry Scout gathers vital information for the planning of military missions and the deployment of forces into battle. 

Cavalry Scouts conduct terrain, infrastructure, civilian and threat analysis, land navigation and route selection, 

And provide detailed reports on threat location, capabilities, and movement. 

Cavalry Scouts are qualified in individual and crew served weapons such as… 

…the twenty-five millimeter and fifty caliber heavy machine guns… 

... light machine guns… 

…and grenade launchers, in addition to anti-armor weapons. 

As a crewmember, Cavalry Scouts operate and maintain military vehicles like the Highly Mobile Multi-wheeled Vehicle, or Humvee… 

…the Bradley Fighting Vehicle… 

…and the Stryker. 

Soldiers attend approximately sixteen weeks of One Station Unit Training at the U.S. Army Armor School located at Fort Benning, Georgia, where they become disciplined, fit and competent Cavalry Scouts. 

Whether they are taking part in squad maneuvers, target practice, or tactical training exercises, Cavalry Scouts are constantly refining their skills to keep themselves sharp. 

After successful completion of training, Soldiers may be assigned to a scout platoon in the operational force as a scout, driver or gunner. 

Becoming a Cavalry Scout is a rewarding and challenging career choice for qualified Soldiers. 

As a Cavalry Scout, Soldiers have the opportunity to pursue additional military training in a variety of different areas. 

Serving in this position, Soldiers will also have the opportunity to apply for and earn national certifications and credentials through the Army's Credentialing Opportunities On-Line website - further assisting in the transition from the military to the civilian employment sector. 

Discipline, physical and mental stamina, tactical and technical proficiency, and the ability to work as a member of a cohesive team are essential characteristics of a Cavalry Scout. 

Earn your Stetson and spurs by continuing a proud tradition as the eyes and ears of the Commander on the integrated battlefield… 

Military Occupational Specialty… Cavalry Scout!