Canon Crewmember (13B)

Cannon crewmembers work the howitzer cannons that support infantry and tank units during combat, and play crucial roles in the Army’s success on the battlefield.

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The Cannon Crewmember is a key member of a battlefield team that effectively engages the enemy with artillery fire in support of infantry and tank units.  

They are responsible for the operation of self-propelled and towed howitzer cannons, as well as ammunition trucks and a variety of other vehicles.  

The Cannon Crewmember’s duties and responsibilities also include, identifying and selecting correct ammunition, fuse setting on a variety of munitions, wire and radio communications,  reconnaissance operations, movement control, fire support execution, and performing maintenance on equipment and operating systems.  

Employing a variety of crew served and small arms weapons in offensive and defensive operations.  Talk about the MOS. What’s it all about. What do they do.   

This career field requires individuals who are interested in cannon operations,  who possess an ability to make quick decisions, and to work as a member of a team, and are physically and mentally fit to perform under pressure.  

Who would be perfect for this MOS? What does it take to succeed in this MOS?  

After successfully completing Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 6 weeks of Cannon Crewmember Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Where you will learn how to fire on targets manually and electronically,  ammunition handling, and gun systems operations, and artillery tactics and battle strategy.  

What can you take away from working in this MOS? What have you learned? Best part of this MOS.   

After successfully completing your Advanced Individual Training, you may be eligible for worldwide assignments. You may have the opportunity to advance in your career through additional technical, tactical, and leadership training.  

The skills you learn such as teamwork, discipline, and leadership, may help you transition from the military to the civilian work force.  Cannon Crewmember; a crucial member of the artillery battlefield team. King of Battle.