Broadcast Journalist: Army Reserve Careers

See how SGT King’s career as a broadcast journalist in the Army Reserve gives her experience that will help her in her civilian job as well.

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I'm SGT Kristen King, I'm a 46 Romeo (46R) - Broadcast Journalist in the Army Reserve. As a Broadcast Journalist in the military, you have to be a one-man show. You have to do everything that there is for that job. When I was in Baghdad, I traveled around the country, I went out and shot all my own video, I interviewed everyone, I wrote my scripts and I also anchored our newscasts, "Freedom Journal of Rock."

I'm able to balance my job as an Army Reservist, and my life (the other 28 days of the month) fairly well. What I do in the Army Reserve directly correlates to what I'm doing in the civilian world, as a journalism student, and so I'm really able to use what I learn in both of those worlds and relate them to each other.

And the Army Reserve has really helped me fulfill everything I wanted to do as far as my education goes. They helped me pay for college, they're paying all of my loans off, they give me money for tuition, and I also get money through the GI Bill.

By doing my job and getting to meet people who also do my job in the civilian world, I've made a lot of contacts that I can eventually call up and they can help me to get a good job.