Bringing Motivation: Basic Training Q&A

PVT William Reinig talks about what mindset to bring to Basic Combat Training.

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Well hello to ya'll, I'm Private William Reinig and I'm going to be answering a question today from Marko from Layton, Utah and his question is; "What should I bring to basic training that would help me succeed?"

The biggest thing I would say would definitely be a lot of motivation. While you're here you really got to, at least for the first I'd say six-weeks, at least it was for us, you really got to remind yourself why your doing this, why you're here, just keep motivating yourself. Cause if you loose that motivation, even for an instant those drill sergeant will be all over you and just tearing you apart.

You got to keep that motivation, that's the biggest thing. Cause here at basic training it's, you can almost say it's physical game but it's much more mental game.

Cause it's all about what your thinking, what your going through, up inside your head, that's all I can really say is that you got to have motivation and remind yourself why your doing this, whether you want to be a better person, whether you want to go to college, whether you want to, you know, to have a steady job and a steady paycheck.

Remind yourself why you're going through all this and you'll be able to make it through just fine and get what you want.