BCT if You're in Great Shape: Basic Training Q&A

Drill Sergeant Larry Jameson discusses the relative importance of physical fitness.

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My name is Drill Sergeant Larry Jameson, stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Patrick from Manchester, Kentucky asks; "Is basic training hard or easy if you're in great shape?"

Well Patrick, if you're in great shape then basic training will be slightly easier for you as PT won't be as much of a challenge. But you still have to learn all our exercises and the way we do them.

There is so much more to BCT than just physical training. There's the mental aspect, you have to ask yourself how good of a team player you are, how well you deal with sleep deprivation, and long hard hours. So you'll have an advantage being in better shape and I'd recommend anybody who wants to join the Army to get themselves into better shape. There's so much more to it than just physical training.