Basic Training: White Phase Warrior Tower

Recruits tackle the Warrior Tower obstacle during Basic Combat Training.

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The Warrior Tower, I always wanted to repel. The adrenaline rush, it was so much fun.

For some of the privates, this is definitely the most mentally challenging event they do in basic training.

The hardest part for me repelling, is when you L out. You can't see what's behind you, you don't feel anything, and just waiting for your weight to catch you on the rope is kind of terrifying. I am very proud of myself this time.

I have plans someday of maybe going to Airborne or Air Assault School so I'm going to be able to jump out of airplanes and helicopters. I want to face down my fears. That what this whole thing is about, overcoming your fear and learning new things.

The pugils and today were probably the two best days I've had here, the most fun anyway.

Today we were doing pugils, We were doing combative type exercises. These pugils are supposed to simulate weapons like our M-16's and learning how to use them if you happen run out of ammo in the battle field you know how to use your weapon.

You stand back to back, slam your helmets together, take six steps forward, turn around and start fighting. Try and knock the guy down, but they go by points too. But if you get the guy down, you go to the whistle till the drill sergeant blows his whistle. Once he blows his whistle, then you start another round.

We have Soldiers against each other in the same platoon, and then we go platoon against platoon.

The top are what the drill sergeants sees as the best fighters out there and then we put them in the company match. We got lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight.

I lost I got beaten down pretty badly, but it was still fun.

It was awesome experience. I'm very sore right now, because I haven't done this hard of activity in a while, and it was just a great experience to get it all out.