Basic Training: White Phase Basic Rifle Marksmanship

The White Phase educates recruits to use their rifles properly. Rifle Marksmanship builds pride and confidence within the recruits.

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White phase is just a little more easy than RED phase. A little bit more privileged, like they trust us a little bit more in White phase.

White phase was BRM, which was when we were practicing and qualifying for our M-16's which was fun when we got to actually go to the ranges and show what we had learned with our M-16's.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship was hard, because of the different ranges that you go to, they're set up in different ways. Once you get used to one, they take you to another one and try to get you used to firing at different obstacles.

We actually teach them how to shoot the M-16 A2 rifle, that phase right there is where they gain the most pride in themselves, the most confidence in themselves.

Basically we had about 16 rounds to shoot off. Within those 16 rounds we had to group at least 6 rounds in a row. Grouping meaning it has to be in a certain area, it doesn't matter whether if it's on the target or not, as long as it is in a certain vicinity. I'm really happy today because I qualified. I hit 6 rounds in a certain vicinity and was zero end grouped.

Some people we have that don't quality, they get really frustrated. Because they didn't qualify for the M-16 they think they aren't going to graduate. But you know, we just help coach them, we let them know what they're doing wrong and then we take them back out there, and we help them out so that they can qualify.

I'm looking forward to shooting my rifle a lot more. Going to the rifle ranges and shooting targets, and moving targets, shooting targets in different positions. Right now I'm on a good path to being almost to perfection.