Basic Training Ratings: Basic Training Q&A

PFC McDaniel talks about the difficulties and rewards of Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private First Class Samantha McDaniel, I'm from Gonzales, Louisiana and I'm reading a question from Eric and he is from Gardner, Massachusetts. Eric question is; "On a scale from one to ten how physically and mentally tough is it in basic and are you enjoying your experiences?"

I would say on a scale from one to ten basic training has been about a twenty. It is very physically and mentally tough. But it's not impossible. The Army is an environment where it will either make you or break you and if you come in with the right mind set and stick to your goals then you can achieve it.

And as for me, myself and am I enjoying my experiences here? I wouldn't necessarily say anybody coming into the Army would be enjoying their experiences in basic training.

But it's valuable training that you need in order to be successful out in the field. So, I mean you need the training to graduate and that's pretty much it.