Basic Training: Graduation

Recruits are honored in ceremony for their completion of Basic Combat Training.

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My name is Private Eric Green, and I just completed Basic Training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Today is the end of Basic Training, and the beginning of AIT, and a very good day for us. It's sad because I'm leaving my Platoon which I have grown to love and care about so much, but prepared and ready for my next obstacle ahead.

We've always taught our kids to love their country. Seeing my son being part of the armed forces makes me very proud.

Basic Training has increased my physical ability, but I think even more so increased the ability of my mind, to push myself to my limits.

Kelly always had something within her, that if she wasn't motivated for a new challenge, she was never really happy.

We can't praise her enough for what she's done, and what she's accomplished.

The changes that I made here are some very important ones - learning respect for myself and for others. It's an amazing transformation that you see in yourself and every other Soldier that comes in with you. From civilian to warrior, we are warriors.