Army Reserve Career Counselor: Army Careers

Ensuring transitions for Active Duty Soldiers to the Army Reserve is what MSG Sonya Ashford does. She makes sure Soldiers understand all the benefits and options available to them.
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My job is a senior reserve component career counselor. I am not a recruiter. I’m an integral part of that decision that the soldier makes to transition into the Army Reserve. I recommend that active duty soldiers come to see me at least a year out. My goal is to ensure that you, the soldier, understand what’s available to you. There’s a lot of opportunities in the Army Reserve, such as the two-year stabilization mobilization policy. Another benefit is 180 days of transitional healthcare. That’s free healthcare medical and dental for you and your family members.

The Army Reserve is a great way for active duty soldiers to transition over to continue serving. The biggest piece of advice is just look at the big picture. What we’re telling you is something that’s going to be very beneficial not only to you, but your family. The success of my job is the success of your transition. We are here for you.

I am Master Sergeant Sonya Dionne Ashford, 79 Victor US Army Reserve.