Army Employment Assistance: PaYS & URS

The Partnership for Youth Success program is a win-win situation for the Army and for URS Corporation. Soldiers get help to transition and URS gets well-trained people to put in leadership positions.

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My name is Kenneth Reese; I am the staffing manager for the Defense Maintenance and Logistics Group of URS Corporation.

PaYS stands for Partnership for Youth Success and what it is, it's actually a win-win situation for the U.S. Army and for URS Corporation, because we get a chance to get well-trained Soldiers and put them in positions to help defend and support our company. And the Army actually gets a chance to help a transition a Soldier with a partnership with a military friendly company.

I'm Charles Richards; I work for URS as a mechanic. My civilian job at the time wasn't progressing as fast as I thought it would. So I decided call PaYS and hopefully they'd set me up with a good interview and everything. Got a quick interview and I was hired on.

REESE: That Soldier brings with his application, the first thing I see is professionalism, and confidence. That is a big plus multiplier for URS Corporation. We know that he's been well trained. We know he's been experienced. We know that he can perform his job in any environment.

RICHARDS: URS and the Army share lot of similarities as far as leadership, timeliness, discipline, everything plays a part. Whatever you learn in the Army plays a part in wherever company you work with.

REESE: The Army values are important to URS because it allows for a diverse work force, which URS does have. And it allows our employees to excel at doing their job in any environment. So we're getting the best of the best when we recruit these guys.

RICHARDS: PaYS was not a guaranteed job. But it was a guaranteed interview. Definitely take a look at it, cause it's probably going to be a good job opening out there for you.