Army Employment Assistance: Pays & Eastman

The Partnership for Youth Success program allows you to setup an initial interview with a company such as Eastman. This gives a Soldier the opportunity to receive a job at a great company.
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Jerry Bush: Eastman became an Eastman PaYS partner in 2007. Of course Eastman was always military friendly but it was a natural fit for Eastman to become an Army PaYS Partner.

David Sauceman: I joined the Army mainly because with the economy the way it was. The PaYS program was just a bonus. It was something that just kind of happened. I had no idea of what the PaYS Program was before I actually went in and talked to the people at MEPS. The way it was explained to me was, here’s the list of jobs that that you qualify for. This is what we can do; we can get you an interview with the place. Once you get the interview its in your hands to take care of the interview side of it.

Whenever they showed me the list of jobs, one of them was Eastman. And being from East Tennessee, local, everybody, they know Eastman. So that was the one that stuck out, that’s the one I chose.

Jerry Bush: David first stood out to me because it was his sincerity in his interview. He answered the questions well. He had the experiences both in his civilian and also in his military experience.

For him to give me real examples of where he is actually performed the situations task action results that we’re looking for in the interview so he had great examples of where he’s experienced stressful situations on the job, going above and beyond to satisfy task that people have asked him to do.

Sammy Brickey: Some of the most important attributes I think people bring to our team are what we look for is respect, maturity, judgment, being able to work in a team environment.

David Sauceman: Teamwork is very important in the Army, because you have to be able to trust everybody you’re around. Here at Eastman it’s kind of the same way. You got your teamwork and if you can’t him to do the job right, somebody can get hurt. So anytime you work, you’ve got to work together as a team.

Jerry Bush: People with military backgrounds, they bring that additional adder to the table; they got the discipline, the leadership skills that we’re looking for its already there.

David Sauceman: It all kind of plays together, anything you learned with the Army as a whole will help you in just about anything you can do.

Sammy Brickey: I think other supervisors at Eastman if they have the opportunity to hire a veteran such as David, they would see right away that they bring a lot to the table, a lot of maturity in judgment the Army already provided.

David Sauceman: You take pride in knowing you do something for your country and then you turn around and your country does something back like this with the PaYS Program.

It’s a great opportunity the PaYS Program it helped me get my foot in the door here at Eastman. If it wasn’t for the PaYS Program there’s no guarantee that I would have the opportunity to be here and have a good job.