Army Employment Assistance: PaYS and

The Partnership for Youth Success program allows you to set up an initial interview with a company such as This gives a Soldier the opportunity to receive a job at a Fortune 500 company.

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My name is Mark Campbell; I'm a recent college graduate that decided to join the National Guard and through the PaYS Program I was able to find a great career at

Basically it works like, you get to select a company such as, that allows you to setup an initial interview. From that you get an opportunity to gain a job. Not guaranteed anything by any means, but to gain a job with that company in the civilian side.

WOODARD: We as an organization feel very strongly that through the PaYS program we will get a constant pipeline of individuals who are strong from a leadership prospective.

CAMPBELL: Right now I'm a second lieutenant in the engineers. I'm specifically a 21 Bravo, combat engineer. So right now my job is to basically to lead the platoon. For I am an area manager and I get to manage two separate shifts and that customer experience that is known for.

PHILLIPS: One of the things that's unique about Mark is that he is, immediately built a report and a relationship with his associates. And solidified a team that may have been having so issues initially with some management. He has come in there and solidified the team through his interaction and relationship building.

CAMPBELL: I feel like the Army has helped me prepare for because it allows me to manage multiple people at a time. It's a unique experience that you get from the military and it really applies to this side for Amazon, on the civilian side.

WOODARD: One of the things you now as an organization is that individuals, the individuals who are most successful with us, have a strong leadership acumen. The military helps to develop that set of skills in the individuals. And when they join us, actually their ramp of learning curve is significantly shorter.

PHILLIPS: One of the qualities they bring, is they have the ability to multi-task and make decisions in a fast paced environment. Make critical decisions in a fast pace environment. Which in what this environment is all about.

CAMPBELL: I feel like the PaYS Program was a great program because it did get me to A great company where, it's just got my foot in the door. I'm already an area manager, plenty of room to grow with the company.