Army Band Auditions: Army Careers

Soldiers talk about the auditioning process for becoming members of the Army Music program.
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Weathington: There was questions that the recruiting sergeant asked me that you have to pass before you even get accepted for the music liaison to come and audition you. He talked to me on the phone first and told me prepare some of your scales have a couple of pieces ready, three pieces try to do some contrasting styles and show us what you have.

Stephens: It was nerve racking for me because I am not good at auditions actually I’m much better at the performance aspect of being a musician when I sit down, for some reason when I sit down in a room with two people in it I freeze up and I when I stand up in front of 30,000 people and I’m free as a bird. But I mean I worked hard and I made it through it, and here I am.

Edwards: It was pretty nerve racking because this was like my shot you know, to see if I could make it, it was pretty nerve racking but I mean it was exciting. I mean me and my wife, we were just talking about it before hand and dreaming ‘oh what happens if you pass this, what are we going to be able to do?’ ‘Can you imagine what will happen?’ So it’s nerve racking and exciting all at the same time.

Allen: The band audition, I had to play and prepare a piece and I had to play a couple of scales and I also asked if I could play a little bit more scale cause I wanted to show off my skills. I wasn’t really nervous at all because I went to school for music and I’ve been playing since I was eleven so it was really cake.