Army Aviator: Army Careers

From having his education and rotary wing license paid for to leading others, Army Aviator 1LT Curtis Dotson believes he has the best job in the world.

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I’m Curtis Boyd Dotson Junior; I’m a 1LT in the United States Army, Alpha True 82nd Combat Aviation Bridgade, Task Force Wolfpack. I’m an Army aviator; I fly the Calver Warrior Scout Helicopter. My job is to go out and find the bad guy. My area of expertise, we fly nav with the earth which means we fly as close to the earth as possible. The value system that the Army has, I grew up with very similar values. I was gonna leave home, go off and do good things. The Army has afforded me the opportunity obtain my bachelor’s in Political Science, master’s degree in Urban Education, Commercial Rotor Wing license; that license right there is very expensive and didn’t cost me a dime. I was doing something positive. As an Army officer you ought to make a difference out here. When I’m not doing that I get to go out and fly a helicopter. I have the best job in the United States Army. To go out there and be able to lead and influence, that’s what it’s all about.