Army Aircraft Mechanics: Apache Helicopter

The Soldiers responsible for the mechanics of Army aircrafts play an important role in ensuring the safety and success of a helicopter crew.
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Working on these things, the best thing I can compare it to is, imagine being on a pit crew. Your heart rate's pushing about 180; it's a great rush. Your main function is to make sure your aircraft is ready to go on a moment's notice, to go up for a mission.

I'll plug up my headset and my wing core temp and then while you're up there talking to the pilot, ask them if they have any issues. Then recalibrate the 30mm cannon to the Pilot's head so if he turns his head to the left, the gun's going to go to the left.

You get the Army crew out there, they load the rockets inside out. If you look at it, it looks pretty complicated, but after awhile, it just becomes part of you.

Without these guys, you're sitting in a very expensive piece of junk. U.S. General said that after Afghanistan, these guys are mechanical heroes.

When I was younger, I liked tearing apart lawnmowers, toys, love getting grease on our hands, love to fix things. And now we're working on some of the most high-tech flying machines out there. I'm actually underneath the aircraft and the rotors start turning and the turbines starting going at me. It's just a rush.