Are You Having Fun at Basic Training?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Lewis describes the level of difficulty in Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private Lewis and I'm here at Fort Benning for basic training I've a question from Bradley from Scottsburg, Indiana; "Are you having fun at basic training?"

Yea, it's a blast really. The first few weeks its pretty hard getting yelled at a lot but it's just the drill sergeants being drill sergeants. Like they'll yell at you and make you do push-ups but they'll help you out a lot. So after the first three-weeks it gets pretty easy you just hang out and do. Go out, get up do PT go through the day, do your duty, your done usually about 5 o'clock clean your rifle and just kind of hang out but it'll be hard at first but it'll get better and you'll have lots of fun once it's all over so just stick with it and you'll have a lot of fun.