Are Drill Sergeants Tough?: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Shard Muhler addresses perceptions of Drill Sergeants during Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, my name is Shard Muhler, I'm a Private First Class at Fort Leonard Wood and the question I got was from Jasmine from Dothan, Alabama and she said; "Is basic training hard and are the drill sergeants tough?"

I think basic training can be hard, I think it can be easy too, it all depends on how you go at your drill sergeants. If you keep your mouth shut, keep your head low, make sure drill sergeants don't know your name until about by AIT and your home and set free.

Drill sergeant can be great, they can be real helpful to you but they can be mean at the same time. They'll give you constructive criticism sometimes, it's not as the criticism you want but it'll always helps you out in the end.