Aircraft Powertrain Repairer (15D)

The aircraft powertrain repairer is primarily responsible for supervising, inspecting and performing maintenance on aircraft powertrain systems. With hundreds of Army missions depending on airplanes and helicopters, they must ensure that all of them are safe and ready to fly.

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Military Occupational Specialty Aircraft Powertrain Repairer.

The Aircraft Powertrain Repairer MOS is a member of the maintenance team that keeps the Army’s powerful helicopters in the air.

The Army employs a vairiety of Helicopters that serve many functions, ranging from Observation and transportation to combat. The Aircraft Powertrain Repairer has the responsibility to keep these helicopters in the sky.

These Soldiers work on the aircraft’s powertrain to repair the components that transmit the engines power through the drivetrain to both rotor assemblies.
After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend Advanced Individual Training at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

Where you will learn to identify components of the powertrain system and to remove, disassemble, and inspect the powertrain for wear and physical damage and decide whether to repair or replace critical compnents.

You will learn to apply these skills to a variety of helicopters to include the UH-60 Blackhawk, the AH-64 Apache and the CH-47 Chinook.
You’ll use technical manuals to perform proper maintenance procedures on rotor assemblies and to keep precise records of all repairs and inspections you made.

After your advanced individual training, you’ll perform rewarding work and participate in unique assignments in the US and around the world.

Though most of your work will be inside maintenance shops, you may be required to work in the field or on the flight line.

Where your duties may include performing Non-destructive Inspections on aircraft parts, such as magnetic particle inspections and fluorescent penetrant inspections to determine if there are defects in any aircraft components.

Serving as a Aircraft Powertrain Repairer can help you transition from the military to the Civilian employment sector because your abilities in leadership, teamwork, and problem solving are skills and values in demand by Civilian employers.

Aircraft Powertrain Repairer are crucial to our Army aircraft because these Soldiers maintain the components that keep the rotors turning and the helicopters in the sky.

Military Occupational Specialty.

Aircraft Powertrain Repairer.