Aircraft pneudraulics repairer (15H)

The aircraft pneudraulics repairer is primarily responsible for supervising and performing maintenance on aircraft pneudraulics systems. With hundreds of Army missions depending on airplanes and helicopters, they must ensure that all of them are safe and ready to fly.

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The Army employs a vairiety of Helicopters that serve many functions, ranging from Observation and transportation to combat. The Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer is vital in keeping these helicopters ready by maintaining the pneudraulics systems that link the aircraft’s controls with their operating components. Pneudraulics includes the hydraulic systems that transmit fluid pressure to components that control the aircraft and pneumatic systems that supply emergency pressure to the hydraulically operated components, and provide air cushioning to those that absorb shocks.

After successfully completing 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend Advanced Individual Training at Fort Eustis, Virginia where the Army will train you in the basics of pneumatics and hydraulics. Including how to identify and use different fluids and to operate the specialized tools needed to work these systems, to include fabricating their tubing, hoses and fittings; repairing damaged lines; and replacing O-rings.

After your Initial Entry and Advanced Individual Training, you’ll work supporting military operations, tracking malfunctions and repairing them; including the purifying and flushing of fluids. Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairers also operate and repair the aviation ground power unit. Additionally, they safely store various fluids and set up test equipment to analyze components in the field. You’ll also set up a portable field support shop to maintain these systems. Serving in this MOS can help you transition from the military to the civilian employment sector. Because your skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem solving are skills and values in demand by civilian employers.

The Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer is responsible for very important systems in Army aircraft and your abilities will be challenged to keep Army Aviation ready for action.