Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator (14H)

The Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning Systems Operator evaluates and communicates critical data about incoming enemy aerial and missile attacks and aerial surveillance by operating, maintaining and managing modern complicated military computers on complex networks, and utilizing sophisticated communications equipment. These Soldiers are responsible for the preparation and deployment of air defense equipment and systems, setup of a unit command post, establishing communication and network interoperability and integrating with Allied, Joint service and other Air Defense units.

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The PATRIOT..., it is the world's most advanced air and missile defense system..,

Evaluating and communicating critical information about incoming targets is the job of the Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator.

Soldiers serving in this military occupational specialty play a vital role in air and space defense by identifying, tracking, engaging and neutralizing enemy targets.

You will be responsible for the preparation and deployment of Air Defense equipment and weapons into forward area of operations..,

...establishing radio and wire communications..,

...system emplacement and initialization..,

...maintaining maintenance reports and schedules..,

...establishing a PATRIOT Battery Command Post and its integration into a Tactical Control Station..,

...analyzing intelligence and reporting to higher commands, often while working in multi-national areas of operation.

You may also be part of an air defense command, engaged in operations and intelligence functions of liaison units.

This Army career requires individuals who are effective communicators, team members and leaders..,

...have an interest in rocket operations and technical electronic and mechanical systems.., ability to multi-task; possess critical thinking and mathematical skills with attention to detail..,

...and are physically and mentally fit with the ability to perform under pressure.

After completion of 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training you will be assigned to the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Your training will encompass technical and mechanical classroom courses with labs, as well as training in a tactical field environment.

After completion of your training you will be eligible for worldwide assignment as part of U.S. Army PATRIOT battalions and batteries, Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense batteries, or at the Space and Missile Defense Command.

You will also be eligible for additional professional development courses and technical training which will enhance your knowledge and leadership skills.

The skills, knowledge and experience you gain as an Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator will help you in your transition from the military to the civilian work force..,

...where you may find employment in rocket and mechanical maintenance career fields.

Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator, First to fire!