Affording College: Army ROTC

MAJ Otto Padron's mother talks about how Army ROTC helped him go to the college of his dreams.

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Otto always wanted to go to a private university; we didn't have money to send him to a private school. Basically I was getting the education that I could afford, not necessarily the education that I wanted for myself. But Otto's dream was always to go to the University of Miami. I had to find a source that would allow me the opportunity to go to a better school.

So one day, walking through my community college, I look over and there was a ROTC recruiter. And I started asking him questions and all of the answers that I was getting, they seemed to all line up in the direction that I wanted to move. I wanted to move to a better school; I wanted a higher education; I wanted to be challenged as a student. And at that point, the light bulb went on and - Eureka! - here I am.

The Army helped him find his path in life and Otto came out a grown man. I'm grateful to the Army for everything they've done for my son. It's an indescribable emotion. I feel it with all my heart.