Advice For Families: Having a Conversation With Parents

Mr. Spruill believes parents should support their son or daughter’s choice to join the Army. Parents need to understand what military service means and the satisfaction one can gain from being a Soldier’s parent.
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If I could offer advice to any parent of a child who is considering any branch of the military I would say support them. Have a conversation with them and dispel all of the myths and rumors that you’ve heard – not just about the wars and those kind of elements but totally understand what military service means and the satisfaction and the pride that you can get not just from being that Soldier, but as a parent of that particular Soldier. And have that conversation and try to support them cause if a child is at that point in time that they’re considering the military there’s a reason for that. It’s not just cause I don’t have anything else to do, it’s because it’s something in them and to nurture that and grow that is a good thing for that individual whether it be a male or female and that will help them later in life.