Accomplish Your Goals: Army Reserve

SGT Autumn Anderson describes how the Army Reserve helped her pay for school and become the person she is today.

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SGT Autumn Anderson: I decided to go to the Army Reserve because it was a challenge I was looking for and I wanted a way to pay for my college.

Well, I went into the Recruiter's office and I didn't necessarily want to go into active duty, but the Army Reserve was really convenient. Battle Assembly is usually Saturday and Sunday. I can go to school Monday through Friday.

When I go to my Battle Assembly I have so many friends. I'm friends with everyone. It's like a little family gathering. I chose the Army Reserve because it's helping me accomplish my goals and my dreams.

I'm learning many things I knew I couldn't learn in the civilian world that the Army Reserve is providing me. If one of my friends called me and they were debating on joining the Army Reserve I would say go for it. They can't go wrong.

I'm definitely a different person. I'm more confident. I know that I could do anything I'd put my mind to. This is something that's going to stay with me for the rest of my life, and it's worth it.