A Woman's Perspective on BCT: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Sample discusses the experience of being a woman during Basic Combat Training.

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My name is Private First Class Sample and I'm from Benicia, California and I will be answering a question form Tiffany from Phelps, New York. "I'd like to hear from a female prospective what it felt like while in or going into the Army and how it helped, was the training easier or harder, was the drill sergeant just as hard as they are on males?"

Well how the Army works here they look at you as Soldiers. Not prospectively as a female or male you are a Soldier in their eyes. So they don't want to hear ‘oh, I'm a female I can only do this' or ‘I'm a male and it's not far that a female can do this' no we're all on the same page we're all here to become a Soldier and the drill sergeants will look at you as a Soldier and nothing else.