A Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic Tells His Tale: Army Reserve

Specialist Gagan Dhiman talks about his love of cars and the opportunity to develop his skills with vehicles as a mechanic in the U.S. Army Reserve.

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I joined the army reserve as a 91 Bravo which is a light vehicle mechanic. I loved cars. I wanted to know more about cars and how to work on cars. I knew that, you know, Army Reserve has a great opportunity for the civilians who wants to go in and become a mechanic. And that’s what happened to me.

Being in the unit, you know, you become a family. Especially when you’re deployed and you go y’ know wherever the Army Reserve sends you.

You know that when you’re there you’re not alone there’s a guy standing next to you to your right to your left and that person becomes your family. You know, even now the guys that I deployed with they’re like my brothers and sisters.

Putting the uniform on is just like sense of pride, you know, you earned it. It feels great.

I am a lot better mechanic because of the Army Reserve.