A Medic Teaches Life-Saving Skills: Army Reserve

Specialist Trevor Whipker shares how bringing his training as an ER nurse to the U.S. Army Reserve made him not just a better health care specialist, but a better teacher.

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I’m in my sixth year of being an army reserve soldier. I’ve you know been in multiple missions within the United States helping teach non-medical units medical type situations.

So last summer, three medics including myself were tasked to go to special mission at Camp Atterbury and teach non-medical units basic life saving skills before their deployment. It was a situation where we went into a classroom and talked about basic pressure bandaging tourniquets and how to help your buddy when he’s down.

The skills I learned in ER nursing helped me to be a better teacher as I’m learning how to educate patients on certain symptoms and what to not do in certain situations. I’m able to take that back to my unit and help educate other soldiers that may not be in the medical role civilian side.

The training in the Army Reserve instilled the confidence in me to excel as a trauma nurse and to not back away from a situation. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot but I feel like I have a lot more to go and I think that the Army Reserve is guiding me in the right direction.