Enlisted Soldier Or Officer?

Learn how these two types of Soldiers are different, yet work together to create the world's strongest fighting force.

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  1. The closest way I could describe what we do is we basically set up an Internet café anywhere in the world. JNN is the heart of the Army’s communication system. My job is to set up and maintain this machine. We have lots of great toys. The JNN, STT’S, the stuff that I am working with in my civilian job is starting to pale in comparison with the stuff I get to work with in the military. 

Let the Army Reserve help you land your dream job.

The Army Reserve fits into my life. It lets me go to school, have a civilian career and spend time with my family.

NAME: SGT Scott Vahovick
JOB: Nodal Network System Operator-Maintainer (25N)
SERVICE TYPE: Army Reserve

Meet Sergeant Scott Vahovick, a self-described “computer geek,” who pursued the Army Reserve career that would lead him to the civilian career he always wanted.