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I didn't know I wanted to do ROTC before I came into college; I was just looking for a way to pay for college. I found out about the ROTC scholarship my freshmen year.

The scholarship pays for tuition, books and fees. But we're able to here, many universities, as ODU is one of, has incentives that we can offer. So we're able to provide him with a meal plan as well as money for room.

My parents were really excited about the financial assistance that I received because of the fact that it just took a little bit of a load off of their shoulders.

He was able to get a scholarship so his school was basically free.

These financial assistances help a whole lot, they take away the stress of having to worry about where the next meal is going to come from or how am I going to pay for next semester. Just getting that out of the way takes away so much stress.

The reason I would recommend the Army ROTC scholarship to someone who maybe thinking about joining the program: you'll be getting your tuition paid for, your books paid for, and the fact that you are moving on your way to getting a commissioned job straight out of college is a big plus.

Paying for college isn’t a burden when you’re an ROTC Cadet.

You’ll be getting your tuition paid for, your books paid for, and the fact that you are on your way to getting a commission or job straight out of college is a big plus.

NAME: CDT R.J. Custodio
SERVICE TYPE: Army Reserve

Cadet R.J. Custodio didn’t know he wanted to go into ROTC, but after he learned the benefits, he knew it was the right choice for him. Learn about the ROTC scholarship and how it helps students make getting a college education a lot less stressful.