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Nursing in the Army: all the perks, none of the debt.

The Army has given me more than just an education.

NAME: CPT Rahul Lall
JOB: Critical Care Nurse (66S)

My name is Rahul Lall and I'm a Captain in the United States Army. I was commissioned into the Nurse Corps in 2004. Prior to that, I was an Army medic for 10 years. I had infantry combat arms training at Fort Bragg and went on to Ranger School. For me, obviously, the opportunities for education and advancement have been outstanding.

I'm trained as a flight nurse, have taken the ICU course, specialized in critical care and open-heart and cardiothoracic care, and I'm CCRN certified — the best certification you can have. The Army paid for my studies and exam, plus I received a $20,000 bonus every year for four years.

I enjoy mentoring and lecturing, but you can't beat the feeling you get helping a Soldier recover and regain the best quality of life.

The Army has given me more than just an education; I've got tons of friends all over the world. We golf, play volleyball, go to sports events, enjoy live music. I'm giving back to my country and getting a great life at the same time.