Enlisted Soldier Or Officer?

Learn how these two types of Soldiers are different, yet work together to create the world's strongest fighting force.

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SPC Aveon Bland: Hi, I'm Specialist Aveon Bland. I'm a 15 Papa, which is an aviation operations specialist. I've been in the Army Reserve for five years.

Well, we typically handle the flight plans and anything that has to do with the aircraft and the pilots, who may do things such as flight records. And we may do things such as making sure that everyone at the base operations center gets the information needed, so the aircraft can take off.

All of these things I learned in the Army Reserve that cross over and make me a more formidable opponent to those who may be applying for the same job.

I'm very proud to serve-it feels great. I'm honored.

Launch your career through the Army Reserve.

[The Army Reserve is] very flexible in honoring your commitment with them as well as your commitment in your civilian sector.

NAME: SPC Aveon Bland
JOB: Aviation Operations Specialist (15P)
SERVICE TYPE: Army Reserve

Specialist Aveon Bland shares the skills he’s learned through his training as an Army Reserve Aviation Operation Specialist and how it’s changed him.