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Forging a path in the Army Dental Corps.

You learn, one on one, with the best.

NAME: MAJ Armando Aguilera
JOB: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (63N)

My name is Armando Aguilera. I'm an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a major in the United States Army. Early on, I never thought of becoming a surgeon. I enlisted in the Army at age 17 and became a combat medic. I had a lot of ambition and was able to find the right mentors, who played a huge part in shaping me, giving me direction. I left the Army to attend the University of Miami, where I accepted a Green to Gold Scholarship from the ROTC. After graduation, I attended dental school with assistance from the Army Health Professions Scholarship Program.

The most rewarding part is seeing a young Soldier, with a lot to look forward to, recover. They depend on you and you can help. It's very satisfying. And with difficult cases I can just walk over to consult with doctors who are experts — some, authors of famous books. You learn, one-on-one, with the best.

I like to spend time with my family — did some surfboarding when I was stationed in Hawaii — play a little softball, do some snowboarding and go home to see my parents. The Army offers lots of career opportunities and you can't beat the benefits.