Soldier Life
University of Texas at El Paso
ROTC fact:
Enrolled in Army ROTC during her junior year after graduating from the Leader's Training Course at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

I really had no idea what ROTC was going to be like I had no prior knowledge of military anything. My initiation was the Leader's Training Course in Kentucky. She went to the Leader's Training Course with no military experience came back in here our junior year, learned from our curriculum and has just excelled.

When I told my parents I was going to join the ROTC I think that was a shocker for them. I think it's a wonderful program, I mean; it's benefited her tremendously. It's really good; it's a wholesome environment. So I like that. They've accepted it now, and they are very happy for me and they're very supportive.

If I could describe Marissa in a single phrase it would be self-starter. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. If I start something I want to finish it and I want to finish it with everything I have. She sets her mind to something and she's going to do it, and nobody's going to stop her right? Pretty much.

Last summer, she went to the Leader Development Assessment Course. Performed exceedingly well, came back and I made her an officer on the cadet staff. Because of her leadership, experience and her efforts. In cadence. In cadence. Exercise, one, two.

I really do think that ROTC is like a family. I have met some of my best friends that are cadets, you mesh really well with them. She's happy. I think she's happier being in the ROTC versus the couple of years that she wasn't.

My mom had so many concerns when I told her that I was going to join. But since then, she's happy that I'm happy. And I really am happy doing what I'm doing.