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Making The Most Out Of College: Army ROTC
Old Dominion University
Sports Management
ROTC fact:
A former high school athlete, Jeff enrolled in Army ROTC as a freshman at Old Dominion University.

Later today I will be attending my fourth military ball for the monarch battalion. I have to iron my uniform, shave and just get myself mentally ready for tonight.

The military ball as a tradition is something we really take pride in here at the monarch battalion. We do have ceremonial toasts that take place at the beginning of the ceremony.

Toast to the commanding general, to the ladies, and to the monarch battalion. They are definitely set on having guest lecturers who can provide us with a great outlook on what we can look forward to in our military careers.

And just being able to be part of traditional ceremonies such as the 'grog bowl' and the ceremonial POW table. This is our chance to get together in a formal atmosphere and just get together and celebrate all the year's accomplishments.

I definitely feel the friendships I've established in the ROTC program will last for a lifetime, especially within my senior class.

The military ball is a great way to show how close we are, we definitely care about each other, as we will our future soldiers.