Soldier Life
CPT Nick Anderson
JAG Corp Attorney Capt. Anderson
Portland, OR
Army Position:
Fort Lewis, WA

Since I was a kid, I've always been really interested in history, and so many of the people that I've looked up to as leaders had spent some time in their life serving their country in the Army. I wanted to be like that.

The Army is like a big brotherhood. Whether it's my coworkers or other Soldiers, whether it's at PT or in the courtroom, we always have each other's back-we take care of each other.

You know, if you just graduated from law school and you're trying to decide what to do, I'd say you're never going to know unless you give it a chance and I did, and loved it.

I have absolutely no doubt that ten years from now, whether I'm still in the Army or whether I'm in civilian practice, I can look back on this and be proud of it, and also have a great career advantage because of my service to the country.