Soldier Life

I'm Captain Nick Andersen. I'm a 27 Alpha (27A) which means I'm part of the JAG Corps. We're the attorneys for the Army.

You know I'm 27 years old and I'm doing things that I never thought that I'd be doing at this age. I've only been practicing law for a year and a half, and already I've had opportunities that so many of my peers and my classmates haven't had.

"Objection, your Honor, leading."

The greatest thing is a sense of teamwork. I love my coworkers, and absolutely love coming to work. It's really been an awesome opportunity.

If you're young and you're thinking about coming to the Army, what I'd say is, you're never gonna know unless you give it a chance. For me this continues to be an incredible career opportunity.

I hope to see you in court.