Chaplain LT Amy Wainwright
Chaplain LT Amy Wainwright
Grandville, MI
Army Position:
Chaplain (56A)
Phoenix, AZ
First Lieutenant

"As A Future Chaplain, I Hope To Continue To Build Up Soldiers And Their Family Members."

My call to the Army chaplaincy started back in ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) as a cadet. Every cadet must put a session packet together for their branch preference as an officer. After much prayer, I heard God speak the word "chaplain" to me. I put in a request for an educational delay and was approved. Unlike my fellow cadets who went active duty after being commissioned, I found myself back in the class room. This time no longer as a cadet, but as a chaplain candidate pursing a master's degree to be qualified as an Army chaplain.

To me being a chaplain candidate is an honor as it allows me time to become equipped spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally in order to best serve Soldiers and their Families. Serving Soldiers is an honor and a privilege as I learned during my enlisted years as a 92G, food service specialist. Each Soldier is unique in his/her way and brings talents and gifts to the Army Family. As a future chaplain, I hope to continue to build up Soldiers and their Family members as the job of a Soldier is a calling in itself.