Photo of a Soldier walking with his family

SFC Raymond Akers

"I'm at my 22 year point in my career and this is the highest point of musicianship that I've experienced."

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SGT Terrina Anderson

"This is a chance for me to work with some really great musicians and just do a lot of playing."

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SGT Timothy Mason

French Horn
"The Army band is a great way to provide for yourself, provide for your family, and still do what you love to do. I just think it's the best-kept secret."

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Staff Sergeant Lori Nix

"I was worried that the Army band would be just a bunch of marches. But it's not at all. We play such variety, so it's challenging musically."

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SGT Magdalena James

"Anybody can do what I did, all you need is a bit of dedication and some motivation." Learn more about Magdalena's journey from civilian to counter-intelligence Special Agent.

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SSG Danny Rogers

Military Police-Dog Handler
"I love what I do. I love working with dogs. I've learned things in the Army that will be with me for the rest of my life." Click to learn more about why Danny loves his job.

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PVT Todhunter

PVT Andrew Todhunter

"I shoot a target around four or five hundred meters - about the size of a playing card." Click to see if Andrew ever misses a target.

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U.S. Army Combat Soldier Private First Class Alley

PFC Aaron Alley

Cavalry Scout
"For a 21-year old guy I have a pretty darn important job." Click to learn more why Aaron's job is so important.

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Army field medic in back of M997 Maxi-Ambulance

SGT Tracey Lyons

Health Care Specialist
"The cool part of my job is the reward I get from taking care of Soldiers." Click to learn why Tracey's job is so rewarding.

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U.S. Army Combat Soldier Private Mathew Bryan

PVT Matthew Bryan

"I had other options, but none were as beneficial as what the Army could offer. " Click to learn how beneficial the Army was to Matthew.

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CPT Nick Anderson

"So many of the people that I've looked up to as leaders had spent some time in their life serving their country in the Army. I wanted to be like that." Learn how serving his country has made Nick Army Strong.

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CPT Richard Taylor

Infantry Officer
"An Infantry Officer is an awesome job. I get to lead and train Soldiers on a daily basis." Learn how serving his country has made Richard Army Strong.

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Army Chaplain Joel Panzer

Joel Panzer

Chaplain (Catholic)
Before joining the Army, Father Panzer served as a Chaplain to both high school and college students, taught high school religion, and was a parish priest. See what Father Panzer has to say about his Army Chaplain training and why he calls the Army Chaplain Corps a "Ministry of Presence."

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Chaplain LT Amy Wainwright

Amy Wainwright

Chaplain Candidate
"As a future chaplain, I hope to continue to build up Soldiers and their Family members."

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Army 2LT Alison Ward

Alison Ward

Chaplain Candidate
"I knew that this was what God wanted me to do for Him."

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Army JAG lawyer Cpt Drummond in library

Cpt. Irvin Drummond

Cpt. Drummond never thought he would jump out of a perfectly good airplane or be in the JAG Corps.

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JAG Lawyer Harvin in court

Cpt. Lakeysia Harvin

Cpt. Harvin's most rewarding experience in the JAG Corps was on Sept. 11th. She saw firsthand how critical her job was in providing a timely, accurate and quick response to events.

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2 Army JAG Lawyers

Cpt. Sabra Owens

For Cpt. Owens, being a prosecutor has been a fulfilling experience. She felt that justice was served in each of her cases.

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JAG lawyer in hallway

Maj. David Riddick

Maj. Riddick said, "The best part of being an officer in the JAG Corps is … using (my) military skills, and attorney skills. I can put them together and help Soldiers."

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Capt. Jasmin DeGuzman

General Dentist - Fort Meade, MD
Health Professions Scholarship Program participant

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cardenas obgyn

Capt. Ernesto Cardenas

OB/GYN - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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oral max

Maj. Armando Aguilera

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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icu nurse

Captain Rahul Lall

Critical Care Nurse - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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vet port

Capt. James Pratt

Veterinarian - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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Portrait AMEDD physical therapist

2nd Lt. Janice Preston

Physical Therapy doctoral student - Baylor University, Waco, TX

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Capt. Adreain Henry

Optometrist - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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2nd Lieutenant Martha Morales

Dental Student - Chicago, IL (HPSP)

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AMEDD Dental Officer

Captain Christine Cerar

Endodontic Resident - Fort Bragg, NC

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Capt. Susan & Andrew Mosier

Pediatric & Radiology Resident - Fort Lewis, Wash (HPSP)

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Maj. Jonathan Craig Taylor

Family Physician - Fort Bragg, NC

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Capt. Jocelyn Figueroa Blackwell

Family Physician - Fort Bragg, NC (HPSP)

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Captain Samuel Sama

Critical Care Nurse - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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Army AMEDD Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Captain Kevin Gormley

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Fort Lewis, WA

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1st Lieutenant Savannah Estes

Critical Care Nurse - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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Lieutenant Colonel Rob Goodman

Veterinarian - Fort Sam Houston, TX

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Captain Seth Holland

Physician Assistant - San Antonio Military Medical Center, Texas

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Captains Chris Guenther and Janet Vaughn

Social Work - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md.

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Major Deborah Engerran and Captain Ronnie Robinson

Clinical Psychology - San Antonio Military Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

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Lieutenant Colonel James Mancuso

Preventive Medicine Officer - Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Springs, Md.

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Captains Michelle Noye and Derick Munday

Anesthesiologist - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md

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Captains Shimul Patel, Mark Hardin and Major Karen Callaghan

General Surgeon - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Md.

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Major Shane Anderson

Nuclear Medicine - San Antonio Military Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

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Captain Michael Rose

Internal Medicine - San Antonio Military Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

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Serving country and family

Watch Sergeant Robert Catanach tell his Army Reserve stories: how the Army Reserve enabled him to serve his country while living close to home to help raise his child.

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The skills to make a difference

See how the Army Reserve gave Sergeant Marlene Garcia the focus and drive to turn her dreams of working in the medical field into a reality. “I tell anyone that has any type of goals and dreams to keep on going for it,” says Marlene, “because now I have everything I want.”

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Advantages of job training

The Army Reserve is “very flexible in honoring your commitment with them as well as your commitment in your civilian sector,” says Specialist Aveon Bland.

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Sgt Morton Radar Repair

Building a good foundation

Radar Repairer
“The Army Reserve really did give me a skill that I am going to use for the rest of my life. It’s challenging. It’s cutting edge. And it’s a great time.”

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Gaining a Master’s Degree (and more)

Watch Captain Paul Gonzalez explain how he’s taken advantage of the many opportunities Army Reserve Soldiers receive, including getting his master’s degree.

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Earning a prestigious degree for free

See how the Army Reserve helped Captain Sandra Altamirano get into USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism — and come out with zero student loans.

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Infantry Officer Maj. Padron

Leadership skills for a lifetime

See how Otto's time in the U.S. Army Reserve helped him become the Director of Univision. “I stay in the Army Reserve today because it allows me ‘to work on the skill’ most valuable in my job, which is to be a leader,” says Otto.

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Aviation Officer 1LT Cupitt

Helping a flight career take off

First Lieutenant Heather Cupitt talks about how the Army Reserve gave her the strength and the opportunity to go from living a small-town life to “flying a multi-million dollar helicopter.”

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Logistics Officer Capt. Wallis

Transformed into a leader

The Army ROTC turned Captain Valerie Wallis from a “shy girl from Texas” into an outspoken Soldier who leads large groups.

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Airborne Public Affairs Officer Capt. Huntsman

Gaining confidence to take command

Captain Jennifer Huntsman talks about how Army ROTC gave her the confidence to transform herself from a person who would usually “follow the crowd,” into a Soldier who takes command and directs her peers.

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First Lieutenants Clint & Maureen Bickett

Platoon Leader and Nurse, Medical Services Corps
In Army ROTC, Clint and Maureen met within days of their initial training and thrived during their individual military careers. They eventually married to form a beautiful family.

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Army Chaplain Gauthier

Marc Gauthier

Chaplain (Protestant)
Chaplain Gauthier has been a Chaplain for 14 years, lending his support to Soldiers all over the world. Learn more about Chaplain Gauthier & what he calls the Army's "Muddy Boots" chaplaincy.

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Lt Col. John Hunnicutt

Pathologist - Fort Sam Houston, Texas (Reserve)
LT. COL. Hunnicutt considers it a privilege and honor to be serving his country as a pathologist and transfusion consultant at Brooke Army Medical Center. In his off-hours, LT. COL. Hunnicutt enjoys restoring antique cars, and golfing with his medical colleagues.

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Major Michele Pawlowicz

General Dentist (Reserve) - Pittsburgh, PA
Major Pawlowicz finds that being a dentist in the Army Reserve leaves her time to be with her husband and daughter, and additionally provides personal and professional benefits she wishes she had been aware of earlier in her career. Her sincerity is evident when she talks about the pride she feels in caring for our Soldiers.

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Cadet Custodio

Cadet RJ Custodio

With the help of a 4-year ROTC scholarship, RJ is able to pay for college while gaining experience and academic discipline, as well as making lifelong friends.

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Cadet Davis

Cadet Jeff Davis

Find out how Jeff jumped from high school athletics to college and Army ROTC. And get a glimpse inside an ROTC tradition: the annual military ball.

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Cadet Bernadette walking

Cadet Marissa Bernadette

Nursing major, University of Texas at El Paso
By enrolling in ROTC after her sophomore year, Marissa learned leadership and communication skills that will help her thrive in her career in nursing.

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John Paul Gomez

Political Science major, Biology minor, University of San Diego
The first in his family to attend college thanks to an ROTC scholarship, John Paul is able to pursue his degree while developing an expanded set of unique leadership, discipline and career skills.

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