Soldier Life

blue phase schedule:

  • U.S. Weapons Training (.50 Caliber M2), (Hand Grenades), (M136 AT-4), (M240B Machine Gun), (M249 Machine Gun)
  • Field Training Exercise 3
  • Tactical Foot March 10KM and 15KM

They come in and every single person's gear is looked at.

We also had the NIT course, Night Infiltration Course.

Night Infiltration Course is when they move out to a certain point, and they have to low crawl, and they have to move through constantina wire, though about a 150 meter craw under live ammunition flying over their head.

Our platoon's job was to go around one side and secure the area while the other team advanced through the obstacle. After that of course there was a lot of celebration.

After all the FTX's are complete and all the ranges are complete, we go through a thing called Rights of Passage. We'll take them to an area, and we'll light a good-sized bonfire, this is where they realize they are ready for the next stage.

That was the point when we were allowed to be called Soldiers.