a Soldier is welcomed home by his family

Travel Allowance

When the Army orders your soldier to a new duty location, you will probably be provided travel tickets—at no cost to you—unless it is to a new location within the Continental United States (CONUS). When moving within CONUS, most families choose to drive their own car to the new location. When you do that, you will probably be given a travel allowance to help cover your expenses.

Relocation Readiness Program (RRP)

The RRP provides services to support soldiers and their families as they relocate. The RRP offers relocation counseling, pre-move and post-move briefings, newcomers’ orientations—which often include tours of the new installation—and overseas orientations.

Army Family Team Building Program

Changing from your local community to the Army community is a big and important step. The Army Family Team Building program can help. 

This program tries to help families adjust to their new situation by teaching how to “translate” military talk, writing and abbreviations; develop realistic expectations; and learn about benefits and services available to you in your new home.


Children worry about some of the same things their parents do when change happens. Will they make new friends? Will they find anything to do? Military Teens on the Move is a Web site designed with kids in mind, covering topics specifically for military youth. Things such as dealing with deployment and moving to a new location, but also everyday youth topics like divorce, getting enough exercise and how to handle your finances. Everybody needs someone to try and understand them, and this site attempts to deal with a child’s mind-set on these issues in a way they can appreciate and respect.