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Fitness Center

Depending on the size of the Post, most centers provide athletic and training facilities that include exercise and weight rooms, saunas and various sports-related courts. Family members may use the centers, with some age restrictions for things such as the use of weight-training machines.

Community Pool

Military outdoor recreation facilities typically include indoor and outdoor pools—depending on the Post’s location. Some places include small water parks complete with slides, swinging bridges and sprinkler systems, while others are the typical large outdoor pools you might see in many civilian communities.

Outdoor Recreation

Besides having parks, playgrounds and recreation areas on the Post, some installations operate travel camps, hunting areas, shooting ranges, and riding stables and trails. Others have facilities that include ice-skating rinks, hiking trails, go-cart tracks, rappelling, marinas, fishing lakes and adventure activities. 

Almost all outdoor recreation centers have equipment checkout centers. They rent things such as bicycles, picnic and camping gear, trailers, fishing equipment, and canoes and kayaks, all at reasonable rates. 

Many of the outdoor recreation offices have trained, qualified professionals who conduct classes at basic and intermediate skill levels in many of the activities offered. 

Army outdoor recreation programs are not limited to just on-Post or nearby activities. Many centers provide soldiers and their families worldwide opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors by offering outdoor activities and adventure—from sailing on Chesapeake Bay to skiing in the Alps. 

Base Sports

Just as in civilian communities, you’ll find several different sports and sports leagues in which to participate. There are programs for youth, young adults and adults, which range from bowling to Frisbee football, golf, basketball, softball and more. The Post leagues usually culminate in an end-of-season tournament where trophies and bragging rights for the team are up for grabs. In many places, the winner of Post leagues also plays in civilian tournaments around the area of the installation.

Tickets And Reservations

The Information, Tickets and Reservations office offers local and regional travel information and reservation services. Local tours, tickets for special events such as sports and concerts, and tickets to regional and national attractions are also available. You can also schedule air travel and book a room at your destination. Tickets for attractions are normally priced well below what you would pay at the gate, even with a discount coupon.

Craft Shops

Your avocation will not suffer as a result of your soldier’s new vocation. Many Posts have arts and crafts shops that offer both leisure-time and instructional classes in a variety of art media, including photography, pottery, ceramics and woodworking. For the grease monkeys out there, the Post auto craft shop provides a place where you can service your own vehicles. Professionals are available to help or advise you on your art, craft or car project.

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