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Every soldier, from brand-new recruits in their first days of training to the most senior general, earns the same vacation time, which the Army calls “leave.” Compared with many civilian jobs, the military benefit of earning 30 days of Army leave a year is terrific. In general, a soldier serving on active duty earns two and one-half days of leave each month, or 30 days a year. A soldier may also take leave for personal reasons and emergency situations. 

Also, from time to time, a soldier’s unit may declare what is called a “training holiday.” This is a free day off that recognizes extra work done, perhaps by training through a weekend. These days are not counted as leave.

While leave is considered a right, that doesn’t mean that you can take it whenever you wish. As with any civilian job, your leave time will have to be approved for it to be valid.

Space Available Travel

Space Available Travel, better known as Space A, is a unique travel privilege provided to soldiers and their families. Under the program, eligible passengers can pay discount rates to fill unused seats on DoD aircraft once all the space-required passengers and cargo have been accommodated.

While not as quick and easy to book as calling your travel agent, if you have the time and flexibility, Space A travel is an incredibly cost-efficient and valuable military travel benefit for soldiers and their families. 

Want to experience life on an actual Army base? Take the virtual tour, which will give you a first-person view of the locations you will visit every day as a Soldier on post.