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Tricare is the medical entitlement program of the Department of Defense (DoD) and utilizes military medical facilities for examinations or treatment. It also uses civilian health-care providers who are a part of the Tricare health network for referrals, consultations and other examinations. 

Whether or not there is any out-of-pocket expense for the family will depend on a soldier’s rank and the specific Tricare program option in which the family member is enrolled. Family members are allowed to go to civilian health-care providers if they desire, but must have either an understanding in advance with Tricare or separate health insurance.

Dental Care

The availability of dental care will vary from Post to Post but is usually available for Soldiers. However, family member care is generally not available at military dental facilities. Family members may get dental insurance through the Tricare Dental Program, which is managed by a civilian firm, United Concordia. It is a voluntary, cost-effective, comprehensive program offered worldwide by the DoD to family members of all active duty branches of the military, and to selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve members and their family members.

Life Insurance

No one ever likes to think about or even consider the possibility that they’d need life insurance, but the Army believes you and your family must be prepared nonetheless. One of the many benefits afforded soldiers is the opportunity to purchase very low-cost life insurance. The soldier can even purchase life insurance for members of his or her family.

Family Members With Special Needs

The Exceptional Family Member Program is an Army program created to assist families that include a person with special needs. This could be a physical, emotional, developmental or other condition that requires special treatment, therapy, education or other support.

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