Family and friends greet U.S. Army Soldiers

Installation Volunteer Program

Being new in a community is understandably uncomfortable. No one knows you. No one knows what you can offer or what kind of skills  you possess or training you’ve had. One way you can ingratiate yourself into your new Army community and home is by volunteering. 

If you’re interested, the Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) is looking for people just like you to assist with programs for children, provide support and social activities for family members, or serve in hospitals, churches and recreation programs. The AVC is a good opportunity to learn new skills, and make contacts and new friends. The possibilities are too numerous to list, but this is a place to put your special talents, gifts and skills to work. You could write stories, design posters, teach classes, share computer skills or work with any number of other things that will give you a chance to learn about and contribute to your Army community. 

Volunteering gives you a chance to try something new or sharpen skills you already have. This is a great way to help yourself while you help others.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

Being a new member of an Army community is one thing, but you also want to have a voice in that community. The Army knows the importance of considering what soldiers and families think is important, and what they think can improve their experience in the military. The AFAP brings together soldiers, family members, retirees, civilian employees and the base commander to discuss important issues in their lives. Things such as health care, family housing, schools, pay and benefits are some of the many topics covered. The commander takes action on those that are within his or her ability to change. 

And the AFAP process doesn’t always end with your local Army community. Issues with wider impact are sent to a higher level where the same process is repeated, and eventually, they may go to the Department of the Army or to the Department of Defense. Policies or even laws can be changed. Some examples of issues that resulted in change were the creation of groups to support family deployment readiness, employment assistance for spouses, education benefits and many child-care improvements. In any community, change can occur if people care enough and use their voices. The Army is no different.

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