Photo of a Soldier walking with his family
Army Couple Walking

Where and how will we live?

From eating to sleeping to shopping, Army life has a very normal and established infrastructure to take care of you.

Soldier is greeted by his family upon returning from a deployment

Will my family be taken care of?

Medical benefits, life insurance, job assistance and even travel assistance are standard fare in the Army.

Family Living in Army Housing Area

What about our children?

Your children’s education, growth and safety are of prime concern to the Army.

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a deployed Soldier uses video chat to speak to his family

What happens to me when my soldier is deployed?

If your soldier is deployed, that doesn’t mean that you are forgotten.

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Banner Day football

What is there for us to do on Post?

An Army Post is a community. As such it is filled with much the same recreation you’ll find just about anywhere else.

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a Soldier is welcomed home by his family

Don’t you move a lot in the Army?

In some fields, moving can be a disorganized, haphazard exercise. In the Army, it’s something that’s been perfected over time.

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