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Discover the life of a Soldier. An Army post has everything you would find in the civilian world and more. Take our virtual tour and find out where Soldiers live, eat, work and have fun.

How to Join

See the step-by-step process it takes to join the Army - from talking to a Recruiter to finding the best position for you.

Basic Combat Training

Follow the ten-week evolution from civilian to Soldier. BCT is where recruits discover physical and mental strength and learn what it takes to become a Soldier.

U.S. Army Drill Sergeant inspecting soldiers in a formation.

Becoming a Soldier

First, you will work with a recruiter. Then you will attend Basic Combat Training. Finally, you will enter Advanced Individual Training.

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Soldiers saluting.

Being a Soldier

As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, it means you will uphold the Constitution and protect America’s freedoms. But it’s not always work — Soldiers have free time and access to medical, housing and continuing education benefits. See the true meaning of being a Soldier.

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Soldiers running

Fitness & Nutrition

Because a Soldier’s level of physical fitness has a direct impact on his or her combat readiness, a Soldier in the U.S. Army must be mentally and physically fit. Fit Soldiers are essential to the Army.

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Soldier Stories

Get a first hand glimpse into the Army lifestyle. Let Army doctors, lawyers, engineers, ROTC cadets, and everything in between tell you what it's really like to be a Soldier.

Meet the Soldiers

Army Post Virtual Tour

Curious about life on an Army post? This virtual tour will take you through all of the places you would find on a typical post, like housing, schools, shopping facilities and training areas.

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    @opezki4eva Hi there! Your local Recruiter can help you get the process started. Follow this link to their contact…

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    Does joining @ArmyROTC mean that college will be all drills and combat courses? Visit to fi…

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    @NYCfella85 Hi there! There are two avenues to transfer from other branches of the Armed Forces, one for Officers…

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    @2027Dante Hey there! If you are a high school senior or graduate or have completed your GED or taken 15 college cr…

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    @Wekxy20Adewale Hello! There are age, citizenship, and education requirements. Here's the details:

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    @lolagra57789137 If you're interested enlisting in the U.S. Army, feel free to send us a DM with your questions.

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    @N3R0_V Your local Recruiter will be your go-to. DM us if you need help finding their contact information. 📱

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    Camo was made to blend in, but a Soldier in uniform can really stand out. Could you see yourself rocking these look…

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    @NeoDel_ That's awesome. Good luck!

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    @BillyShepard Your local Recruiter will be your guide. Need help getting in touch with them? Send us a DM.

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    @jellybelly1281 That's awesome! Good luck on your journey, Soldier.