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Cadets are given leadership positions within the class, and coached on how to improve their skils.

Cadets form up for Hands on Training lab

Cadets are given leadership positions within the class, and coached on how to improve their skils.

WSU ROTC has about 200 cadets in its program, and commissions about 20 officers each year.  WSU ranks high amongst the 270 ROTC programs around the nation.  Last year we had two cadets in the top 20 out of 4000 cadets in the nation.  We train hard to make sure students are successful after college.

Battalion History

 At Washington State University, A military program, of one type or another, has been in continuous operation, since 1892. Instruction was to be 'practical and theoretical' and 'all able-bodied male students' were enrolled in a 'battalion of the infantry' or a 'section of the cavalry'. The annual encampment of the cadets was recognized as a part of the drill program as early as 1895. In February 1925 the faculty approved a 4-year curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Military Science and Tactics. This degree was dropped from the curriculum effective the fall term 1945. During the decade 1931-1940, 464 men were granted commissions by the Department of Military Science and Tactics.  Kathy Lyons was WSU's first female commissionee in 1980. Over the last 10 years, the Cougar Battalion has been named to the Cadet Command 'All Pro' Team, being in the top ten programs of the nation, six times; selected top school in 4th ROTC Region twice; top school in the nation in 1995 and awarded the Founders and Patriots Award for Excellence in 1999. In 2007, Cadets from WSU performed exceptionally well at Warrior Forge.  33% of the senior class finished with the top rating possible, and 5 of those finished in the top 5 of their platoon.  Also within that senior class resides the regimental honor graduate from the 6th regiment at LDAC. Recently WSU’s Army ROTC program commissioned 19 officers and has about 100 members.

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