University of Utah
The University of Utah campus is an exciting blend of it’s proud history and it’s commitment to the future.

University of Utah Math Building

The University of Utah campus is an exciting blend of it’s proud history and it’s commitment to the future.

History of the University of Utah, "The Oldest State University West of the Missouri River".

Less than three years after the pioneer leaders entered the Salt Lake Valley; an act of the provisional government of the state of Deseret incorporated the University of Deseret as an institution of higher learning. Immediately after this incorporation on February 28 1850, , a committee of the board of regents marked off to serve as a campus, a large tract of land between what is now university street and the Wasatch mountain.

The University of Utah is the oldest state university west of the Missouri river. Just as Utah produces more college graduates per capita than any other state in the nation, The University of Utah grants more degrees annually than any other six state colleges and Universities combined. Today the University is a place for learning and enjoyment. Located in the foothills of the majestic Wasatch Mountains, The University's 27,000 students are enrolled in more than 1800 classes. A faculty of 2350 plus 3000 clinical, adjunct and research fellows support their educational efforts. The students attending the University have the opportunity to receive instruction in more than 90 fields of study leading to a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree.

History of the University of Utah Army Reserve Officers Training Corps "Ute Warriors"

From March 1891 through the school year of 1893-94, the University of Utah’s Department of Military Science and Tactics carried out a vigorous program and were well received. However, at the end of the 1893-94 school year, the program was cut for financial reasons and wasn’t resurrected until April of 1919.

The lineage of The University of Utah’s ROTC unit dates to the national defense act of 1916. Less than one year after passing the act, Students at the University circulated a petition requesting that an ROTC unit be established at the University. In a board of regents meeting held on 17 May 1917, President John A. Widstoe read the petition to the board. The board of regents approved the petition and action was taken to request the federal government establish a program at the University. The unit was finally established in April 1919 and has been in continuous existence since.

During the 1919-1920 school years, students could choose between Infantry and Field Artillery ROTC, after the 1920 school year, Infantry ROTC was dropped. ROTC continued at the University through World War II, with the exception that there was no advanced course (junior and senior years) offered. Students completing the basic course were taken into the Army and sent directly to Officer Candidate Course (OCS). Starting in academic year 1946-47, the Army ROTC was back to a four year program.

The Army ROTC is steeped in the traditions of the University of Utah through participation in the athletic program. The Military Science Department has a World War I era cannon that it has named “Ute Thunder. An ROTC cannon crew operates the cannon at University of Utah home football games, announcing each home score with a cannon salute.