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Welcome to the Ute Warrior Battalion website and thank-you for your interest in becoming an officer in the United States Army.  An Army career is highly challenging and rewarding.  As an officer, you will lead the world’s finest soldiers in diverse missions across the globe.  ROTC is the Army’s major source for commissioning quality officers.  I can assure you that the University of Utah’s Army ROTC Program will successfully prepare you to meet the demands of an Army Officer.

The personal goal of my cadre and I is to ensure we give you proper military training and leadership development.  In this light, I would like to address my philosophy in how we accomplish this in the Ute Warrior Battalion.

First, as a cadet, your most important responsibility is to get a college degree.  As such, I place academics as your number one priority.  I can’t commission you unless you have a degree; and you can’t get a degree unless you pass your courses in your degree field.  Strong academic performance also indicates that you possess traits required of an Army officer such as discipline, drive, and determination.

Second, it is my intent to make sure we physically prepare each cadet for the rigors of challenging environments and missions; top physical condition is a prerequisite to meet these demands.  We offer a top-notch physical fitness program and work to inoculate the PT Ethos: Physical Fitness as a way of life. I also believe we should reward cadets for physical fitness excellence.  Therefore, I do exempt cadets from physical fitness training if they exceed established standards on the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Third, I want to maximize the leadership development of my cadets.  We do this through a continuous process of counseling, advising, and mentoring.  We CAN make you a leader.  We will constantly challenge and motivate you to perform in a superior manner.  You will surprise yourself with your leadership abilities as we immerse you in a whole culture dedicated to leading.

Fourth, I offer a great deal of flexibility in my program.  Each cadet has their own set of needs, wants, goals, hopes, fears, etc.  It is my goal to structure a program that adjusts to each individual's situation while still maintaining the highest standards of excellence as they prepare to become an officer.

Fifth, I expect each cadet to maintain the highest degree of proper military bearing.  This includes wearing the Army uniform properly and maintaining a proper haircut.  High uniform standards improve unit discipline.  In turn, members of a disciplined unit tend to show a much greater sense of esprit de corps since they recognize that they are part of a special organization.

Lastly, it is my belief that a cadet needs a well-rounded college experience.  ROTC classes are important, but they should not be the only facet of your college life.  I encourage my cadets to become active in extracurricular activities across the campus from special interest clubs to intramural sports.  I want each cadet to be a leader, athlete, and scholar.  As such, each cadet must strike a balance between ROTC activities, academics, work, and family.

My pledge to you is that I will do everything within my abilities to make the above philosophy a reality for you.  I always welcome your comments on the strengths or weaknesses of this ROTC program.  I am always amiable to change in order to make things better!  My best wishes to you as you participate in the University of Utah’s ROTC Program.

Jeremy M. Bourque
Professor of Military Science

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