University of Texas at El Paso
UTEP Cadets navigate through 1 AD Air Assault course, during Ranger Challenge event

UTEP Cadets navigate Air Assault course, during Ranger Challenge event

UTEP Cadets navigate through 1 AD Air Assault course, during Ranger Challenge event

“ So far the time I have spent in the Army ROTC program as been the best part of my college career. From the Physical Training to the Field exercises, everything we do has a sense of purpose. I have learned many new things and have been involved in some great programs such as Pershing Rifles. I am expecting to participate in the Bataan Death March this Spring as part of the UTEP team. I look forward to a new semester of challenges and new events that will help me to improve myself even further. ”

Cadet Adrian Rosado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

See how interesting college can be when you're a part of Army ROTC. You'll be a college student first and foremost, just like the rest of the student body, but there's a key difference: you'll have even more opportunities to succeed.

These opportunities include Field Training Exercises (FTXs) in the spring and fall where Cadets build their teamwork and leadership skills. Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PT) on a regular basis to keep up their strength and endurance.

In addition, each battalion has its own unique calendar of events and activities.

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As part of the corps of cadets at UTEP you are part of the ArmyFamily. The MINER Cadets are a diverse group of individuals with broad interests that come together to form the ROTC program at UTEP. During the Fall semester each school year the cadets show their support of the University by tailgating before every home football game. This is a social period where the cadets BBQ, swap stories and play pickup games of touch football.  Then before just before game time the cadets get ready toshow their “Miner spirit” and attend the game.

Team Bliss and the UTEP ROTC Program

El Paso is home not only to UTEP but also Fort Bliss.  The corps ofcadets are included in the Team Bliss family and contribute to the militarycommunity by participating in numerous on post-activities.  One suchactivity is the semi-annual blood drive with William Beaumont Army MedicalCenter.  Cadets also enjoy the opportunity to interact with Active Dutyand Reserve Officers and NCO’s during numerous guest lectures in theirclassrooms and invitations to formal dinners and social events at Fortbliss.